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Originally Posted by ufo3000 View Post
hi i am 15 yrs old .. i kind of masturabate 3-4 times a day (minimum) .. and seem of not getting enough .. when i have nothing to do i just go for it .. again ... sometimes i even reach 9 jack offs a day .. or even 10 .. i mean i ejaculate everytime a do it even the 10th time .. but i feel i need to do it again .. i know this is addiction ... is there a way to stop ? I really want to reduce the nunber of masturbations a day ..
To outright stop masturbating is a hard thing to do, but I believe you are being very realistic in seeking to reduce the number of times you masturbate a day. I think that masturbating up to ten times per day is excessive, and you definitely need to reduce jacking off to something to more reasonable like around twice per day at most. My thinking is that if you masturbate before you go to school, after you come home from school, and before you go to bed, then you will be in much better shape than you are now. My suggestions for reducing the number of times you masturbate are the following:

1) Pick a day in advance such as an important day such as the beginning of the week to make your change. That way you can mentally prepare yourself for the limitation that you will place upon yourself.

2) Prevent yourself from being in a private situation at all costs. For example, you can keep your bedroom door open when you sleep, do your homework in a public place of your house like the kitchen or a public place like a library, and try to stay out of places where you masturbate. When you take a shower (if you masturbate in the shower), then keep your shower as short as possible keeping the water at a temperature of the water as hot or cold as you can tolerate it so that the water is not arousing.

3) You need to keep your body busy by engaging in productive activites such as riding a bicycle, exercising, or some sporting activity. The advantage of intense physical activity is the afterglow of such activities can mimick the feel of an orgasm, and you are getting the benefit of keeping yourself in shape.

4) Take up a hobby and focus on it rather than the time you would have spent masturbating.

5) Don't look or touch your penis except to urinate or bath, and make it an absolute rule that you won't play with your penis except for the predetermined times which you have set forth. When the urge to play with your member becomes overwhelming, then focus on points #3 and #4 to fight the urge to masturbate. While this may sound silly, you might want to consider wearing a jock strap over your underwear at night to act as a type of chastity to make things hard to reach. (Don't wear a jock strap to sleep over your penis as that will cause excess sweating and jock itch).

6) Don't think about how long you have gone without masturbating but rather how that your situation is bearable until the next time you have set for yourself to masturbate.

7) If you fail, then don't feel guilty, but at the same time you need to use that failure as further motivation to work harder to resist the urge to masturbate beyond the times you find acceptable.

Originally Posted by Jonathan M. View Post
does any1 no if u can use eucerin calming creme as lube?
As long as the product is not medicated like a Vick's Vapor Rub and is a regular skin cream, then it is fair game to use as a lube.
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