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Default Re: GUYS - Where is your favorite place to jack off?

Age - 15
Str8/Gay/Bi/Curious -curious almost bi
Where is your favorite place to jack off?my room if no one is home then at computer
- Why here?bed is
-Have you ever been caught?almost a couple times
--If yes, by who? What mom goes to school to get a spesialist degree and my brother goes to work on mondays so that is my jack off day...they are both ussually back by 830 so i have from 515 to 830 (pretty nice) one day not too long ago my mom's class ended early and she was home at 7! but the good thing was is that i hadnt just yet pulled my pants down...just jacking in my shorts so i just xed out of the porn window and pulled up facebook...i gott lucky
Where is somewhere that you would like to jack off that you haven't before? locker room at school
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