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Originally Posted by YourFriend View Post
I have another question, every time I cum, all about masturbating or anything related to it becomes so disgusting to me.

Anyone has some similar problem?
I had that same problem when I first started masturbating and ejaculating. My thinking at the time was anything associated with sex was dirty and not proper. However, once I learned that masturbating and ejaculating were perfectly normal and a sign of physical maturity through which all men must go through, then I no longer had that problem. I think I had originally viewed anything related to sex as "adult," and I had first viewed sex when I was 11/12 as something related to adult stores. All that changed when I realized that folks around that age do become sexual and that sexual feelings are a part of growing up. Basically, once I developed a positive sexuality things related to sex such masturbation no longer became disgusting.

Originally Posted by vito22andolini View Post
is olive oil realy a lube????
Olive oil can be used as a lube as well as a skin moisterizer. I think olive oil is a pretty good lube albeit a very messy one. You are better off buying actual sexual lube or using creams or lotions which are not as messy or as expensive.

Originally Posted by jairooh View Post
I have masturbate alone, but with friends too. I'm straight, but I like to masturbate with boys. Why does it happen?
As mentioned earlier the reality is that you might be curious about how other guys are developing and whether you are normal in relation to them. Also, the thrill of doing something sexual with anyone else, even if it is with someone of the same sex, is probably exciting, too. Basically, why this happens is that you probably find doing sexual acts with someone else is more satisfying rather than being alone.

Just be careful when you are doing sexual stuff with anyone else, be it with the same sex or opposite sex, and make sure that you are adequetely protected and that things don't go too far if you are not ready. You might want to visit the following thread:

Originally Posted by Johny View Post
Hey i was just wondering... does masturbating shorten your orgasm period?? Because i masturbate a lot.....
Masturbating in of itself does not shorten one's orgasm period. However, if you masturbate multiple times per day in quick succession, then obviously your orgasms will get progressively shorter after each session. The reality is that your penis, like any part of your body, will get tired out after intense excercise, and like how your legs would get tired after a long run your penis will get exhausted after masturbating a lot.

Originally Posted by curiousteenager View Post
I have a really complicated question...

Ok heres the situation, i am straight and so is my friend. I have thought about watching porn on my computer with him ad masturbating with him. First is this gay. Second, is this the best way to get him to do it or is there a better way?

It is not necessarily gay to masturbate with another guy, but if masturbating with your friend goes beyond that to the point where you both are performing sex acts on each other such as oral or anal sex, or you both start to develop a sexual attraction to each other, then there is a chance you both are developing a homosexual relationship. Being gay is so much more than physical acts as being gay involves an emotional relationship, too. If you find that you want to be more than jacking buddies with your friend, then chances are you might harbour same sex tendancies.

As for how to get your friend to jack off with you that is forbidden to discuss around here.

Originally Posted by BirdsandtheBees View Post
Okay since Im new I dont want to try and get a new thread i post locked, so I'll post this question here:

Lube or no lube?
This is basically a personal choice, and there is no right or wrong answer. If you are a guy who is cut and finds that you are getting a lot of friction during masturbating, then lube really should be used. If you are a cut guy who can masturbate without friction or if you are an uncut cut, then lube may not be necessary. Again, everything depends upon how much friction a guy gets when masturbating and if the guy gets rough skin from masturbating.

Originally Posted by Jonathan M. View Post
I just recently started masterdating...and i relly liked it but then i got something like a carpet burn on the top of my penis it hurt quite bad the first 2 days then stopped,also sometimes i am really liking the feeling of masterbting but theni just lose it and its also hard to masterdate because i feel my penis is small and i cant just do the normal teqnique wat does all this mean?Oh and all the time i think about sex is this normal for my age?
Regarding your "carpet burn" issue my guess is that you are either going too rough when you masturbate or just need to use some sort of lube like cream or lotion when you jack off. I had the same problem when I first started masturbating, but adjusting my technique along with using lube prevented the skin problem. Visit for an exhaustive list of techniques and methods to ensure your method of masturbating is not the root of your problem.

As for loosing interest in masturbating it entirely depends on how aroused one is. Especially when a lot of us first started out masturbating we had points when we would masturbate a lot or not at all. Everything depends upon how much hormones you have within you and if there is anything to arouse you. If your hormone level is low and there is nothing around to turn you on, then masturbating is not going to be enjoyable or something you will want to do.

Penis size, especially for someone who is new to puberty like you, should be a non-issue. No person who is new to puberty is going to have a full size penis. Even if your penis is "small" keep in mind that it is a temporary thing and that there is plenty you can do with a penis of any size. Your penis does not need to be as long as a Buick to make masturbating fun. Visit for good techniques and methods on masturbating if you have not done so.

Thinking about sex all the time is totally normal especially during puberty. With sexual thoughts being something totally new to you the reality is that you are still learning how to handle them. It is fine to have sexual thoughts as that is part of being a human. Just don't let your sexual thoughts overtake you, and don't let sexual thoughts make decisions for you that may not be rational or proper. Basically, it is normal to have sexual thoughts, and develop positive sexuality in that don't let sexuality control your life but have it so that you can appreciate the beauty of the human body.

Originally Posted by doyama View Post
Is it true that masterbation is harmless?But I really felt fatique,eyesight blured,discouraged after masterbation
The post above answered your question very well, and I will agree that masturbation is harmless. Fatigue is normal, as mentioned above, as masturbation is an intense activity and drains a lot of energy. Blurry eyesight can happen especially if your masturbating session is really big as you are probably so focused on the image or fantasy you are having. As for feeling discouraged after masturbating, if you are referring to guilt, a lot of us had that when we first started out masturbating. I think that masturbating is viewed as an adult activity, and when we are 11/12 with one foot in childhood and one foot in adolescence we kind of feel weird to have adult capabilities with a child's mind. However, sexuality is normal as long as it is used properly.

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