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Originally Posted by doyama View Post
Is it true that masterbation is harmless?But I really felt fatique,eyesight blured,discouraged after masterbation
It is completely and absolutely harmless. Some say it's even good for you, and it helps prevent prostate cancer.
Fatigue is normal, because masturbation is actually rather energy consuming. Also, there is a natural reaction to help you fall asleep after sex (which is faked with masturbation).
Going blind is a complete myth to keep people from masturbating, especially used in the olden day when it wasn't acceptable to masturbate.
Discouragement/guiltiness is also normal, because (especially when you first start) many people feel as if they shouldn't be doing it, and that it's a bad thing to do.
It's completely normal however, and most guys do it on a regular basis, even adults.
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