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Default Re: Is this okay?

(*Sam pictures Laura rolling her eyes*). I feel your pain, Laura.

First, it's OK to use the pillow to masturbate with. It might feel 'not OK' b/c you've never done it before, and maybe the whole idea of pleasuring yourself is new. But, the urge to do *it* is biological, the sex drive, which intensifies during puberty, is actually wired into us, and so is the sexual tension that's felt (and relieved) thru masturbation.

Now, onto the boys. Guys, girls are built diff than we are. The center of sexual arousal is diff for them than us. We've got this big, obvious thing (the penis!) that makes it pretty easy. But girls are much more subtle (in most ways!) they have a minature penis like thing called the clitoris (which kinda looks like a penis, foreskin and all). Figuring out what *works* takes a bit of practice and patience, and often, objects (like pillows, sheets, etc) work well, better than for us, since the clitoris isn't as accessible as our penis.
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