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Default I'm over her, but, a new horizon shines.

I'm proud to say, I'm over her. It took some time, but, after much time, I'm over the girl I've liked for so long. She just isn't for me, even if she's beautiful. But yeah, there's this new girl, Lisse. She's not really talkative, but I'm somewhat her friend. She just broke up with her bf, but she's not really showing much remorse now. So, I'm thinking of asking her out since everyone was suggesting it. Even the girl that I used to like was like "i know but you two would look good together

So, I'm thinking of asking her out. She'll probably say yes. But if she does.. What do I say? This will be my first date. Also, is it okay if I put my arm around her on a first date? I'm so hopeless rofl...

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