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Default Told...

I know this is a double post, but it's climatic, so it doesn't matter...

OK Kid, you straight up want the details? This article was published Dec. 1st, so don't complain about it having wrong details.

Like I've said all the time, nVidia pwns ATi! (clicky)

BTW, the first link is to the last page, having the conclusion, so you can read the entire atricle if you want by going here: nVidia VS ATi (clicky)

And if you don't like going straight to the source, here's the last and final paragraph for the conclusion:
In conclusion, nVidia certainly has a better overall product, but it also costs quite a bit more as well. If you’re willing to drop the cash on the 7800 GHz 512 MB, you’ll be treated to the finest graphics card on the market. The Radeon X1800 XT 512 MB (at around $600) is nearly 25% cheaper, but does not perform quite as well and is a bit louder under heavy loads. It's a tough call in terms of price/performance, but if money is no concern, nVidia would be our choice.
So kid, you were saying?

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