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Hey all wazzup so I was just jacking 2day and a small amount of yellow stuff came out with like a [wssssssst!] sound. My first reaction was, "////, I pissed all over myself!!". The fluid looked like pee, and appeared to have the same consistency, but I had already urinated. I'm 13 going on 14 again, already peed b4 showering any idea if that's cum or wat?
Thx in advance

Originally Posted by JonM View Post
I am cut. Is there any tecniques anyone could suggest?
I have a technique that (well at least me) will have you going in around 10 seconds. Make a luck sign (entwine your index and middle fingers) and put it in between your groin and leg. Stick your penis so that the split part is touching your upper finger, and the opening is touching the lower finger. Using the hand that's not in a luck sign, get grip your shaft with three fingers and slide it around.

A) use some lube for best results; works without.
B) works best sitting in shower.
C) go slowly if your cut. Otherwise you will be feeling so good so fast that it won't be enjoyable, and you'll want to stop too soon because it's such a huge buildup.

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