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Default i'm 14 he is 18

i met this guy on the internet this summer, actually i met him at the beginning of summer and talked to him on the phone a few times. I live in washington and he lives in texas. So around August i started talking to him again. Even thought it was only on the phone we had this insane connection, i loved this guy. I've been beaten and hurt in the past, i told him that, but i also told him that i was 16 when i'm really 13... almost 14. so last night, after these almost 4 months of spending hours everyday on the phone, i had to admit to him that i was 14. He took it to badly, told me i was just like his other girlfriend. i didn't mean to, i didn't want him to know that at the age 13 i had been raped and beaten. So today, it happened last night. Last nigth he kept telling me he was going to kill himself. And today he told me that he didn't give a shit about me and what happened in my life, i know he was lying about that. He tells me i can call him again, i don't know if i should, all this is so horrible, i've depened on him so much, he has made me the person i am today, i love him and i feel that i am a lot more mature for my age. I don't know if i should try to mend things up with him or not. If you were in his spot what would you be thinking, or doing, and if you were in my spot what would you being thinking or doing?

i lost my love
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