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Originally Posted by serial-thrilla
i like quebec i think its a good province. provinces i hate are saskatchewan (full of hicks) and pei (too small)
I cant stand quebec
fuckin bloc
there nuthing but spoiled rotten lil shits
they scream for more money and demand a TON of shit or they threaten to leave...I mean honestly they couldnt even survive without the rest of the counrty handing them money, its been proven the only province that can survive on its own without any help from the rest of the country is Alberta
AND NOW Quebec wants there own army seperate from Canada's AND they want to take over our millitary bases in Qubec to do it

you know what i say to that


If that happens Alberta should take its 80 Trillion dollars worth of oil and modernize Canada's millitary
That way when Quebec becomes its own country we can blockade the bitches
and put a missile silo on hans island just ta piss of the danish!
Try to fuck with Canadian soil

I mean jesus they have LANGUAGE POLICE because there trying to stomp out English from Quebec
Even France is more accepting of English then Quebec

Saskatchewan isn't THAT bad
It's just poor
Allot of good things started there like gay marriage, health care, no smoking, etc...
allot of other provinces follow Saskatchewan as far as policys

Like allot of citys are smoke free right Vancover, Edmonton, Regina etc..
Well now from that entire provinces are becoming smoke free
all of alberta will be January 1st
It all started in Saskatchewan

And umm PEI....hmmmmmm
They have potatoes
everyone loves potatoes!

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