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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Originally Posted by sfmdraw View Post
This past summer I discovered that I am gay. (I'm going into 9th.) Near the end of school, a highschooler (the building is 6-8, then 9-12), said that I was cute. I had a odd feeling around him for the remainder of the year, but I thought it was embarresment, or just the memory of that awquard and random moment. But, lo and behold, he was at my drama camp this summer...and so was his boyfriend. I kept looking at him funny, and spacing out, but when he looked I would turn away. Cliche, isn't it? And idiotic. Oh, by the way...he's hot and gorgous! After camp had finished, we texted daily. Then he [randomly] asked if I liked anyone. I was shocked. My answer:

Him: Do I know...this person?
Me: Mmhmm.
Him: Does...this person go to our school?
Me: Yeah.
Him: It's me, isn't it?

I was dumbfounded. How did he know? When I asked, he replied that he had seen all my glances towards him, but had said nothing because he found it cute. Then he said: You're going all red, aren't you? I replied that I was. He thought something I had done was cute!!! I told him I was shocked he noticed that I glow red when embarresed or really pleased. He said he noticed a lot about me, for he had snuck glances at me, too. That made me redder. He said he thought my red episodes were cute and very attractive.

So did his bf notice our glances? Or anyone else, for that matter? He said that he didn't kwow of anyone noticing. Good. For some reason, I freaked at the thought, but soon calmed. He had been gay for over a year, so we met up [not telling his bf, whose a bit of a jealous type], had lunch, and he talked to me about what to expect being gay. He asked me who else I was attrackted to, but it's only him.

As I said that, I gave my drink a carefull examination, avoiding his gaze.

"You mean," he had started, "that I'm the only guy for you?"

"Mmhmm." I mumbled. He reached across the table and put his hand over mine. My face started glowing. He reminded me that he has a boyfriend. I told him that I know, but I can't help lo-

I stopped. I almost said it.

"You love me?"

"Well - I - it's just that -" I remember babling, my face getting redder. He quickly withdrew his hand, realizing that made me red in the first place. He said it was the first time he didn't find my redness attractive.

I'm sorry, readers, but this seems like a made-up story, doesn't it? Oh well, I guess I'm used to writing events like this since I DO go to an art school for writing. Thanks for reading.
What happend after that??? really good story.
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