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lilbilly (16)

-- I am sixteen years old and i have lots of friends who are fully developed. Although i masturbate often, like more than three times a week, i am worried that this much ejaculation will decrease my penis size or maybe prevent me from starting puberty somehow. is any of this true? i am very heavy also, like in weight, might this affect my late blooming?
As mentioned above, masturbation has absolutely no effect, either positive or negative, upon one's penis size.

As for your being overweight, I have have noticed from personal experience that overweight folks tend not to get much hair. I know this really depends upon the person, but based upon overweight people I have seen I have noticed that they don't have much hair on their legs and arms. My strong suggestion is that if you are genuinely overweight, then you really should make every attempt to start loosing weight and begin eating right. If anything studies out there point to overweight folks starting puberty abnormally early rather than the other way around. However, beyond the puberty issues being overweight at a young age will undoubtably cause you health problems sooner rather than later especially with diabetes and heart issues. In short, develop a healthy lifestyle with a good balance of diet and exercise so that you can hopefully reach a normal size for someone your age.

Finally, I want to agree with the post above that folks who are really overweight tend to have penises that are masked by their stomachs. Even though such folks have normal penises their stomach obscure the penis causing it to look small.
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