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Originally Posted by heathrow4
I think it is ok to have abortions but I dont't agree that the mother is a hoe who can't stop having sex. I think that an abortion is a good option if you are pregnant and no longer want a child it is not murder the child is not even born yet.
no, its not born yet, but it is alive! it is a human being and it is alive. it isnt just a peice of paper u just throw away when ur done with it and u dont want it. same with the fetus, u cant just throw it away! i am stricly con against aborstion. and another thing, im sure it will come up that what if the woman isnt ready. there are 3 words 2 prevent that " BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!" if u cant afford them, there is 1 word "CONDOMS!" dont like either of them? " NO MORE SEX!" IF U CANT HANDLE A BABY, DONT TAKE THE CHANCE OF GETTING 1!!!

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