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Default Re: Songs of Anorexia and Bulimia

Right Away, Great Captain! - Anna No

Well, after I ate I went outside
To catch some air
And to walk off my drink

And I rolled tobacco
And watched as the smoke rolled
And magically like you left me

And I made a firm fist and,
Pissed, thought it brilliant
To throw my hand into the door

I knew I would have to
Admit that I was wrong
I decided to talk no more

Anna, no.
What an embarrassing way to go.

If you wrote a list
Of the times I considered
To swim in my heavenly home

And God and His angels
Are all under water
And callin' my name once for all

Oh and I had this hat
That I lost in September
I miss you less than that, you know

Oh how can a man
Seek revenge on a woman
He wants to believe has no soul
No home.

Anna, no.
What an embarrassing way to go

I'm not sure if this song relates either like the poster above me but it hits a spot for me.
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