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Default Re: Am I Ready To Stop?

I have a solid emotional support system of friends, family, and/or professionals that I can use if I feel like hurting myself.
Just online people so I guess no.
There are at least two people in my life that I can call if I want to hurt myself.No
I feel at least somewhat comfortable talking about SIV with three different people.No
I have a list of at least ten things I can do instead of hurting myself.No
I have a place to go if I need to leave my house so as not to hurt myself.Yes
I feel confident that I could get rid of all the things that I could use to hurt myself. (razor blades, cigarette lighters)Yes
I have told at least two other people that I am going to stop hurting myself.Just online people so idk.
I am willing to feel uncomfortable, scared, and frustrated.Yes
I feel confident that I can endure thinking about hurting myself without having to actually do so.Yes
I want to stop hurting myself.I do want to stop

The thing is I want to stop but I don't know if I'm ready.
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