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Originally Posted by Ark
Originally Posted by ///James///
Originally Posted by Sid-Vicious
Yer No Offence Mute, But I cant stand your pic, I know u think being gay is alright, but u dont have to show it
its the best avatar on the site!! dont change it!
I have to agree with James here, if you really just can't stand it, adblock it, like I did. If you don't know what adblock is, you loose.
what he said
your right i dont have to show it
but i like to show it
if u dont like it
don't look at it!

and from now on, i think every gay member, which is alot will be watching you to make sure you dont gay bash
cuz well from that you obviously dont like gay's much

Originally Posted by Ripplemagne
18. Come back when you stop failing.
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