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Originally Posted by AmazingHomage View Post
Ahhhhh! I just got caught jerking of by my step brother, Jesus it was awkward!
Being caught is what happens to a lot of us, and at least you were caught by someone who is near you age and another guy as opposed to your Mum.

If your brother is older than you, then it really is not a big deal as he certainly masturbates, too, and he most likely wants to forget about the whole thing as much as you do. Just act normal around him, and he won't make a big deal about it if you don't.

If your brother is younger than you (especially if he is pre-pubescent), then that can be really hard. However, the reality is that he has seen you, and you have to be honest about what you were doing. Of course, you should provide an age specific response that provides information without making the kid prematurely sexual.

In the future you need to ensure that your privacy is not infringed upon again, and take steps to ensure that you are better protected. For example, make sure your door is locked or that you masturbate in a place where you know you won't be disturbed. If you share a room, then come to an understanding with your roommate about what you are doing. For example, putting a tie around the door knob could be a signal to your roommate that you are having "private" time.
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