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Originally Posted by turtle View Post
when i masturbate i cum after a ery short time is there any way to lengthen the masturbation time i guess. also when i get a boner my dick it thicker at the base like i have a rig ring under my skin i guess does that mean its starting to grow or what?
You might want to go onto and look up the stop and go technique which is a way a lot of guys prolong their masturbation time. We are not allowed to go into specifics around here.

The ring which you describe could be a sign of future penis growth. The reality is puberty is a 4-5 year process, and that any part of your body can grow during this time. As for when that growth will actually happen and how long and big your penis will get is something that none of us can answer with certainty. As long as your penis works that is what counts, and its size is really not important.

On a side note, your gender is listed as female on your profile. Clearly, you are a guy, and you might want to update your profile.
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