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So ur sayn u realy trust him and wutnot? Do u think u can trust him to not be abusive, or take advantage of u? If u think that he is honest w/ honest intentions, then u should tell him to wait. Tell him it can happen, but not this soon. u guys need to get closer to each other as bf & gf and get used to touching and all of that. It would be a really bad thing to have sex just cause u r deprived of touching men and want to expirience. If u think its goin happen, take a moment and think of why u r goin to do it. If ur mind immidietly jumps to the fact that he loves u, u love him, and u want to be together, then I think ur ready. If u get any other reason, like he is pressuring u or u REALLY wanna have sex, then u should not do it.

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