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Well, theres this girl I really like and weve been friends for a long time (maybe u read one of my other posts, where I posted the whole story... Oh, right. U don't care...) and weve always been able to talk a lot to each other over the years, but ever since Iv been tryn to get close to her, it seems there has been nutn to tlk about. Its like b4 there was always a topic to talk about between classes ( We're in every single class together, and I still haven't asked her out. I am such a... not gunna say that in the forums.) but now, its like all topics of interest have dropped of the face of the earth. We walk together and stuff, but now its kinda dull. I don't know if she still just considers us "just friends" but its been kinda boring now. I used to always have somthing to say, and she would have something to say back, but now there is nothing to say. Am I just nervouse? I don't think so cause when the very rare occasion of something to talk about comes around, we have long, interesting conversations about it, and I'm never nervouse. Could I get some advice on that?
Also, its like I can't touch her. This time I'm defonitely nervous. Everytime were close its like a bomb full of compressed buterflies goes off in my stomach, and I kinda tense up. I don't mean, like, I dunno, wantin to pinchin her but or doin any flirty thing like that(althought sometimes I wish I had the coarage to...), but just bein close gets me all worked up inside. I think its cause I have ZERE expirience with girls and having girlfriends, but I wish I could get over it. Can I get some advice on that to?

sry for ramblin, but I have a lot on my mind... hope I didn't bore u.

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