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Originally Posted by GoingThroughPuberty View Post
I want to masterbate with a friend am i gay?
You are not necessarily gay for masturbating with a friend, but if you find that you prefer sex acts with someone of the same sex rather than the opposite sex and are repulsed by the body of the opposite sex and only find the bodies of the same sex appealing, then there is a chance you could be gay.

As for masturbating with friends in general you have to be really careful. In a lot of cases guys just do that out of curiousity and/or a cheap thrill, but there are times when the other guy might read more into the sex act and develop an emotional attachment to the other. If you view masturbating with a friend as something more than just hanging out with him, then you need to make sure your friend feels the same way otherwise you will seriously mess up your friendship if he doesn't feel the same way as you.

Originally Posted by kenny00771 View Post

Well I have a few questions 0.o
First, is there a proper way to masterbate?
There is no "proper" way to masturbate. Basically, as long as your masturbating method doesn't cause pain, discomfort, or physical issues, then your method is fine. There are multiple techniuqes out there (of which we cannot discuss on this forum), and you should visit which has an exhaustive list on masturbation methods. I am sure almost every variation of masturbating is found on that website as there are a lot of techniques there.

Originally Posted by kenny00771 View Post
I have at least a couple orgasms everyweek, but nothing comes out ever. I am only 14 btw.
There is nothing wrong with you, and you are just a late ejaculator which is fine. There are guys on here who are as old as 17 who only had their first ejaculation then. As long as you are getting an orgasm, then you are more or less getting most of the experience anyway, and you don't have to worry about clean up. Don't worry as you are fine, and you will ejaculate sooner rather than later. Enjoy your dry orgasms for now.

Originally Posted by kenny00771 View Post
How do i prevent random erections? I always do at school and sometimes it hurts alot because my pants are tight.
This is a hard question to answer especially if you are new to puberty because you have so many hormones going through you causing you to get an abnormally high number of erections. The reality is the most you can do right now is to think about other thoughts when an erection happen such as something that will be guaranteed to turn you off such as your grandparents naked or something along those lines.

As for your erection being painful in your clothes it seems like you are going through a growth spurt, and your clothes are probably becoming too tight all of a sudden. It is for that reason why you should really start investing in new clothes and especially new underwear. Overcompensate for your growth, and don't just buy the correct size as if you do, then you will quickly outgrow your clothes. Loose clothing, especially during puberty, will help you a lot with erections.

Finally, you should check out the following video on dealing with erections:

Originally Posted by kenny00771 View Post
It seems that it's harder to have an orgasm in the shower, why is that?
Even though i said before nothing "comes out", actually I have the feeling I have to pee so then I go to the toilet and pee comes out for like a minute. I am not sure what it is but it's yellow and has a strong smell.
For my age, is it normal to do what I do?
For a lot of us it is kind of hard to masturbate in the shower especially if one is used to masturbating lying down. It does take more work masturbating standing up, and if you can't masturbate standing up, then you are like a lot of us.

It is totally normal what you are doing by masturbating in the shower as a lot of guys do so due to it being easy for clean up in the shower.

As for the fluid that comes out, my guess it could be urinate, but then again it could be pre-cum. Basically, you are fine, and don't worry. My guess is that your first ejaculation is not too far off.

Originally Posted by kenny00771 View Post
Should I tell my parents what I am doing every night? (i would be totally embarrassed though)
++Please try and answer all or even some of my questions.
+++I might think of more to ask later.
My view is that parents are always the best resource for puberty questions. If your Father is around, then pull him to the side one day and ask him about development. You are not going to get in trouble, and I can promise you that your parents would rather you learn about sexuality from them rather than some strangers like us. You can also talk to your Mum, older siblings, uncles, or even older cousins. Don't be embarrassed to talk with your parents or family as they are there to help you.

Originally Posted by liam14 View Post
does anyone know any good techniques

i just started i use a fist its getting boring
You should visit as that is your best resource for masturbation techniques. If you cannot find a good technique there, then you can't find one anywhere.

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