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age- 15
height- 5'9"
weight- 150
shoe size- 11

cock hard- 5.1-5.5
cock soft- 3
do u masturbate-all the freakin time
how many times a day- 1-4
how many times a week-1-50
str8, bi, gay, or curious- curious
pubic hair- ya not a little but not a lot
armpit hair- a little
facial hair- little
ass hair- litle
leg hair- ya
chest hair-little
ever compared with friends-ya only taking but i wish we could with our eyes
did u like it-
would u do it again- if i ever did it
ever had sex- wtih my hand
with who- my hand
did u like it with whomever u did it with-
weirdest place uve j/o- nurses office
normal place u j/o- in front of computer
do u currently like some1- ya
same sex, opposite sex-opposite
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