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Originally Posted by JepJep92 View Post
lol just a random here... you know in australian sex -ed classes we never talked about masturbation... except like once a few years ago... right now i am in year 11 (11th grade) and that time was like in year 8, so just wondering... what do they discuss in the US and other places...??

but just also adding sex- ed here is very liberal, you should see some of the book they use to describe sex HAHA... my first sex- ed class was in year 3 in primary (elementary) school... quite odd
I don't know much on how sex education is handled in your country so it will be hard to compare our two systems. If memory serves me correctly, then in my part of America sex education was started at 7th grade. At least when I took that class it was pretty much from a biological standpoint about the changes a person will undergo and what sex actually is. I think references were made to masturbation, but sex education when I took it was basically like a biology class talking about the changes of the human body. The other component of the class was about safe sex and how one had to use protection and the warning signs of STDs.

Originally Posted by mozley101 View Post
i am not cut but in the shower when i rub the tip of my penis while im cleaning with soap it feels really good kinda lyk i need to piss but yeh is that normal?
Yes, such a feeling is quite normal as the head of your penis is going to be quite sensitive to touch especially when you rub it. The pissing feeling could be that you are getting an orgasm through the way you are touching yourself. As a rule of thumb, if you do masturbate in the shower, then never use soap, hair care products, or anything with which you use to clean yourself as a lube. Cleaning products will only irritate your penis which is not what you want to do.

Originally Posted by mozley101 View Post
i masturbated last night and somthing hapend wich i dont no wether was normal. i was doing wat u do for lyk 3 minutes i had and erection and it started to feel hell gwd for lyk 2 minutes [god it was gwd] and once that was over i couldnt keep up my erection and i didnt feal as gwd is that normall?
Your feeling is normal, and you had your orgasm when things "felt good" (An orgasm is like a pumping sensation coming from your body working its way out your penis. When your penis has convulsions/contractions, then that is your orgasm). However, much like how a runner needs a rest after a race your penis needs a break after its orgasm, and the point when your penis goes soft is when it is essentially taking a short nap (out of a lack of a better word).
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