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2.83GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
Crappola Logisys UV Reactive Blue Acrylic Case (stupid design, soon to be replaced with Cooler Master Cosmos 1000, i jst built a comp in that, its niiiice)
ATI Radeon HD 3870 (great gfx for $80 on newegg)
4GB ram
64 Bit OS
DVD-RW drive
24" display 1900x1200
Logitech 5.1ch speaker system (too lazy to find model no, the one with the pod thing, not the 505W one)
DP45SG Motherboard, 52 in one card reader, freakin loud (bcuz of the case, gettin new one soon!) built it a month ago
has 2x 1.5TB HD's and 2x 500GB HD's, all in RAID 0 for 200-250MB/s throughput, all this running off of a Kingwin Mach 1 Modular 1000W PSU
Video card has 512MB ram, ancient Sound blaster Audigy 1 that i ripped out of my parents last box, from 2002. they now hav a nice mac pro with a 30" scrn

Originally Posted by NightHawksr71 View Post
........ You have got to be kidding. how the hell did you afford that?
Who freakin knows, but my next machine is gonna be that expensive, when i build it, in like 2012, i jst built mine last month

Originally Posted by lamboman43 View Post
Yeah, he's is lying out his pinky toe. That would be uber expensive and he probably isn't that wealthy. A core i7 proccessor could never go as high as 4.74 GHz without something better than liquid cooling.
theyve gone as high as 4.8, look it up, he has the 975 to do that, the $999 one. yeah right. 12GB ram? wtf? id go for 16 dude not that expensive,oh wait ddr3 means 2gb per chip max, and core i7 has mch integrated, so ddr3 is the only choice, right. he has maxed out ram (975 has 3 channels of two dimm slots each, so 3channels x 2 slots each x 2GB per slot=12GB)

Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
My iPod touch has very similar specs lol!

I put the ipod specs in brackets!
the ipod and iphone procs are underclocked, the 2nd gen underclocks less but has the same proc, i have an iphone 3g and when i get something i learn everything about it (i know how cell phone networks work, and how the iphone works, every stage of it booting, lots more, im a bit of a bookworm but online) it has a 620MHz arm, and arm is better (architecturaly, not usefully) than x86, so it would run the same program faster if it was recompiled from x86 to armv7

Originally Posted by Glasgow View Post
Shit dude!! That is a sick Case!
he'll probably admit that it was designed badly (i hav a similar one, it was too, im gettin a new one, even tho this ones blue tinted and used to glow when my UV cold cathodes hit it, it was a $60 case and I should have gotten a more expensive better engineered one)

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