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Originally Posted by Bonesy555 View Post
hey back again
so i have realized that when i masturbate, when i get to the climax, i always release white gooey liquid im assuming is semen but its not "shooting out". its more just dribbling out. is this normal?
The white gooey liquid is indeed semen, and if that was the first time that happened, then congratulations on your first ejaculation.

As for your dribbling semen out, that is normal, and not all guys shoot out semen. Being a dribbler is fine, and as long as you get an orgasm that is what counts and not how your semen leaves your penis. Some guys just don't have the ability to shoot which is fine. Also, for guys who are new to masturbating they just may not have gained the ability to shoot, yet, and they just need to mature more physically. Another big factor that affects whether one shoots or not is how aroused one is. Being very aroused can cause one to shoot, but then again that is not always the case if you just don't have the ability to shoot in the first place. To be honest, being a dribbler is easier as such folks don't have to worry about accidentally making a mess by sending their semen to an inconvenient place as a shooter does.

Basically, you are fine, and don't worry. Shooting is not some out of the world experience, and as long as your orgasm is good, then that is what counts.

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