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Originally Posted by AverageJoe View Post
Does Caffine count as a drug? I am addicted to caffine. Sometimes i need 2 coffee's and a Mountain Dew just to get up 3 Dew's at lunch and about 4 through the rest of the day. I tried to stop but if I stop then I throw up, I cant sleep, I shake and other things.
Haha, welcome to my life.

To wake up I need one of the large cans of Monster:Assult (Not the BFC, the size right below it), and two bottles of Mountain Dew Code Red.
Then another large can of Monster around lunch (Or around dinner if I woke up late), and 4-5 bottles of Code Red all through out the day.
But that's only if I want to be completly shake free.
One can of Monster & 2-3 bottles of Code Red will keep all the symptoms below away, but I'll be VERY shakey.

I've also tried to stop, but I get MASSIVE migrane headaches, throw up, can't sleep, shake so severly that I can't even hold a glass of water, can't tell whether I'm too hot or too cold, can't tell up from down, feel like my body is shutting down, ect. Yeah, caffine withdrawl is fun. :p
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