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God i'm bored......

Okay! balls....gotta lov'em -giggles-

"This could have one of two meanings. During the last two months before birth, or right after birth, the testicles descend ("drop") from the lower abdomen into the scrotal sac. Sometimes a testicle doesn't move into the scrotum at all or only partially — this is called an undescended testicle.

"Dropping" could also refer to what happens to the scrotum and testicles when temperature is decreased or increased. The function of the scrotum is to keep the testicles away from the body so they can be at just the right temperature for sperm production, which is a little lower than normal body temperature. When it is cold out (or when a guy is threatened, frightened, or anxious), the scrotum tightens up to keep the testicles close to the body for maximum warmth (or for protection). When it is hot out, the scrotum will loosen up and "drop" to prevent the testicles from getting too hot.

Hope this information helps!" ~

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