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shoe size- 10.5
cock hard- 6
cock soft-3.5
do u masturbate- yes
how many times a day- 1 or 2
how many times a week 7 or 14 (wow thats alot)
gay strait bi or curious -curious (not gay)
pubic hair- yes
airmpit hair- no
facial hair- no
ass hair-i dont know dont look at my ass that mutch
leg hair-yes
chest hair-sort of
ever compared with friends- yes
did you like it- yes
would u do it again- sure
ever had sex-yes
with who- brothers drunk friend
did u like it- yes but felt bad afterward
weirdest place uve j/o- at school
normal place u j/o- shower
do you currently like some1- yes
opposite sex ,same sex- opposite
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