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Default two of the many poems I have written

Here are two of the many poems I have written:

The Maiden of Ballindor

O Muse, please aid me in my task
A tale I have to tell
Please be my guide, ‘tis all I ask
And let me tell it well
Our maiden fair had given up
All hope of finding joy
For sorrow overflowed her cup
Since Death had stole her boy
Her groom, the prince of Ballindor
Could not o’ercome the pain
He took his own to nevermore
Endure Life’s sad refrain
The maiden's grief now double-fold
No more could e'er be borne
The kingdom lay in ruined cold
E'er since that fateful morn
The days were dark as midnight's hue
In mourning she had been
For her sweet Prince and Baby Blue
The years drift past and then...
A noble knight named Alexand
Traveled through Ballindor
And heard that by his very hand
The prince breathed life no more
Good friends, were they, in younger years
When each were lads of eight
This gentle knight in quiet tears
Mourned this family's fate
Our noble knight was stirred within
The maiden he must see
And offer comfort, if he can
Assuage the maiden's grief
Our maiden fair received him well
With kiss upon his cheek
Yet Sir Alexand still could tell
With woe she yet was weak
And in his chest he felt the pull
Of lovestrings on his heart
Yet Alexand was not a fool
His head remained apart
In jest his friends all called the knight
Sir Alexand the Weak
For struck was he by lovers’ plight
With kiss upon the cheek
Sir Alexand could not have known
That in the castle keep
The maiden fair with feelings grown
Was lost in restless sleep
And in the dawn's gentle quiet
Sadness began to fade
No longer could she deny it
Her grief had been betrayed
This gentle knight had touched her soul
With kindness and with care
But years of grief had taken toll
Upon this maiden fair
Our maiden fair was all aglow
With thoughts of life anew
She had to make her feelings known –
She saw that they were true
The maiden rushed to find the knight
‘Fore he left the kingdom
Without e’er hearing her delight
In her newfound freedom
In haste, she tottered on the stair
Appeared that she would trip
She grasped for hold that wasn't there
On hem of dress she slipped
The servants’ screams were heard for miles
They watched her highness fall
With horrid thud that raised their bile
As blood poured over all
The servants rushed to the maiden's side
To aid her as they may
They held her hand and sobbed and cried
Filled with such dark dismay
“Tell Alexand my heart was his…”
She gasped with dying breath
Then one drudge gave her hand a kiss
As she succumbed to death
When the news reached our gentle knight
He rushed to where she lay
And sobbed in grief upon the sight
His soul, it died that day
Now laid to rest in royal crypt
He bade his love good-bye
Her name, a prayer upon his lips
His life he then decried
For untold years he lived alone
A broken bitter man
Those seeds of love he'd never sown
Our knight Sir Alexand
And so it was one winter's night
That death did call again
Our gentle knight still mourned his plight
Of love that had not been
'Oh maiden fair, my heart was yours'
Was his last mournful cry
He gave himself to nevermore
With one last breath, he died...

The Truth of a Single Tear

Her body shudders
with the truth of a single tear
as it luxuriously traces down
the ivory contours of her cheek.
Gazing at her footprints
in the cold wet sand
her mind flashes uncontrollably
showing authentic snapshots
of times long gone.
The luminescence of the moon
delivers epiphany to her sould
and though it has been
torn away
from the borders of the ends of the earth
it now plays a melody
of healing bittersweet...

Thanks for reading!
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