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Washed away, like a sea shell on the sand.
Washed away, as in these memories seem to never fade.
All I wanted was a second chance.
Another occasion to make you proud another moment to spare
seeing you with a smile on your face. And me knowing that you care.
But that second chance isn't coming and Slowly every ounce of blood is being washed away.

Everyday, I stare in the mirror. I can almost see through my own mask.
The pigment and emotion of my face is constantly changing.
The slow and steady siren in my brain that used to play such a dulcet sound....Now, Has broken the sound barriers. The screams are running out through my ears and traveling at unpredictable speeds and causing everyone else so much pain.
and then, And then a tear falls from my eyes and crashes to the ground.
My body is constantly being ground down.
I'm wearing myself out.
The music is beginning to muffel.
Silence sets in.


Jail Bird
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