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Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
wow i congratulate you for having the courage to tell all that. i found ur story engaging. ur feeling the way any decent person would in your situation, and i dont think u could be handling it any better
I agree


Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0
He's going out with someone, just let him know, that as long as he's going out with someone you can't be together.
I agree

mlatch, please dont think youre a slut for doing that, there is nothing wrong with you! Its really difficult when things like that happen because its easy to be caught off guard, just try and learn from what has happened.
And as for your friend, i guess its his decision what he does with his gf. By the sounds of things, he was the one who initiated this even though he has a gf and...i dont know what you are wanting to happen if you want to be with him or...? But if you do...would you really want to be with someone who does that to their gf?
Just something to consider...

Anyway, goodluck with things!
Dont worry sweetie, youre not a bad person for what has happened! Everyone makes mistakes.

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