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Originally Posted by jerry View Post
Hey guys, I was wondering, is it normal to be almost 16 and to NOT ejaculate? To clarify the "Not ejaculate", I mean: having an erection for long time/masterbating for a long time/ANYother time. It's a slightly odd question, but it has been bugging me for some time now. I'd like to know what is causing it?

Any ideas guys?
Given that I didn't start until well into 17, who would I be to say it is not normal? :p It is uncommon for sure not to be able to ejaculate at 16, but it is not necessarily the indication of a problem. Sexual characteristics may appear sooner or later from one individual to the next, mostly based on your genetic heritage.
If you want to be reassured, I'd suggest having a talk about it with your doctor - that's what I did myself, and indeed, I was glad I hadn't get any nasty disease, but that it was only Nature having fun .

Don't be shy because of it, you aren't any less of a man because of it. And as pontiacdriver said, there are definitely advantages to not have to worry about the mess or refractory periods .
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