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Originally Posted by Se7en
mccoupe for u to say it should remain and english speaking country, shows how ignorant u r.
It should remain an english speaking country

Immigrants coming here does not mean it would make it a less "english speaking country"
Yes it does. It is currently happening right now.
My grandparents live in florida. We went to the super market for some food. We ask a mexican "do you know where the hot fudge is?"
he started speaking spanish to us, then he held up his finger to show he would be back in a moment. well he never came back.
So we ask an american. He said sure, and within 30 seconds we had our hot fudge

This country thrives on diversity and that is a good thing.
yes it is a good thing
So if an immigrant comes here(legal ofcourse) and wants to work and get a job to support their family, they should go right ahead...because I can guarandamntee that there are americans RIGHT NOW sitting their lazy asses on the couch, stuffing their face, because they do not want to work.
All true. If they come here legaly, they have all the same rights as us.
Being unemployed isn't that bad. Anyone who is unemployed and is looking for a job is fine. But as you say, if they are just stuffing their mouth living off of unemployment, they should be jailed or something. I would be damned if i let a bum mutch off my tax money
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