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this is such an easy decision YANKEES!!!

if you r a new yorker its the rules.

Se7en: Attention class, I am your instructor today you can call me se7en. There are 2 rules when it comes to being a new york baseball fan...

Student 1: What are they?

Se7en: If you would let me I was saying...Rule Number 1: You are a Yankee fan to the end.

Student 2: What if your a Met fan?

Se7en: hahaha, the METS hahaha, don't make me laugh, every new yorker knows that the mets are an ok team, but they suck.

Student 1: Ok, so what is the second rule?

Se7en: oh yes, the second rule....its quite simple,
Rule 2: You must hate the Red Sox.

Student 3: But is that fair?
Se7en: Ofcourse its' are my rules clear.
Student 2: But if the red sox suck, why did they win in 2004.

Se7en: what did u say?

Student 2: ummmm....but...ummm if the red sox suck, why did they win in....

* Se7en jumps across the room, takes Student number 2 and throws him out of a window*

Se7en: I am sorry class I forgot to mention there is one more rule and the rule is to NEVER MENTION THE RED SOX WINNING In 2004...because if you do, prepare to be thrown out of a window.

* I hope you guys liked my one man show....."JUST SE7EN"

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