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ok sorry
well, theres this guy that ive known forever, we were puppy lovin in elementary school, and we did stuff together sometimes in middle school. we didnt do things together very often. now, he has a girlfriedn, and thought that doesnt seem to matter much now, it does as you shall soon see. well, one night he asked my to come watch a movie with him, and since we are really good friends, even though we hadnt gotten together in a long time, i decided to go. so, we were watching the movie, and he gradually starts to scoot closer and closer to me, until finally we were touching. he looked over and told me he had never stopped liking me, and that he thought i was beautiful, and then, he kissed me on the was kinda wet, and he tried to use some tongue, but i wouldnt let him inside my mouth. i just could not think. i couldnt think at all, my mind was so cloudy and i wasnt thinking clearly at all. afterwards i was like "aw crap, you have a girlfriend!" and he said "y'know thats been coming for a long time." i felt terrible. horrible. i kept asking myself "what is wrong with you!!?!?" i felt like a slut. he said he would talk to his girlfriend, and that he really wanted to be with me. well, since she was out of town, he didnt talk to her for a few days, and when he told me what had happened, i was so dissappointed in him. he had told me she had been acting funny recently, and when he talked to her, she appologized and told him how much she loved him. He couldn't bear to hurt her and so he sia dhtey were staying together. there were lots of detailss that were left out that may have contributed to this and stuff, but i cant remember them all. its just...i was so dissappointed in him. and it hurt, so bad. i feel so selfish too though. but i though he should not have done what he did (got personal), i should have stopped him...i should have stopped him...and i have no idea what to do... and im just so sad...
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