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Originally Posted by kenny00771 View Post
Hello. I was in a program called "Family Life" at school, which talks about sex and puberty. From that, there were some words I didn't understand but everybody else did and started laughing. Please help me!
A couple questions I want to ask that I don't know the answer:

1. What is masturbation?

2. What is a latex condom and what does it do? (my teacher told us that it can't have rips and it needs to be put on properly. what does she mean? what would rips have to do with it? I dont even know what a latex condom is)

3. What is ejaculation and how does it come from "masturbation"?

4. Also, how does masturbation "feel good"?

5. How is masturbation normal? (we watched a video and it said that masturbation is normal. I still dont know what masturbation is)

Please try and answer all my questions. Thanks!
To start off, your class sounds like a health education class, and don't ever feel embarrassed to ask a question during it. After all, you are not going to be the only one who is confused, and no one is going to give you a hard time as I am guessing everyone else is your age in the class. However, we are always here to help, and I hope my answers below answer your questions:

Question 1) Masturbation is basically stimulating one's genitals for pleasurable sensations. For guys that involves stroking or rubbing one's penis which usually creates very pleasurable sensations. Don't worry if you don't masturbate or don't know how to do so as most guys learn on their own once they start puberty. A great website that goes into detail about what masturbation is and how to do it is which is a safe website which offers information and is not a bad place by any means.

Question 2) Most people who have sex generally do not want to have children. Also, folks who have sex want to have a physical barrier between their respective genitals just in case one partner has an infection. A condom is a thing made out of a balloon like material that one puts over one's penis to capture semen, which fertilizes a female's egg, and it also prevents the penis shaft from coming into contact with a female's vagina and/or anus (a condom can also be used for gay sex to protect one guy's penis when he inserts it into another guy's anus). Most condoms are made out of a material called latex which, again, is similar to the material of balloons. Latex is very stretchable, and it generally has a pleasant feel. The way a condom can tear is if it is not put on properly or if one has particularly rough sex. Also, using the wrong kind of lube can also break down a condom. A final thing to add about condoms is that there are people out there who are allergic to latex thus forcing them to use condoms made out of polyurethane which is similar to latex but has a different chemical makeup thus preventing problems for the latex sensitive person.

Question 3) When a boy is sexually mature he will produce a fluid called semen which carries sperm. Generally, a boy/man needs to masturbate in order for this fluid to come out. The ejaculation usually happens when a guy is really aroused, and the ejaculation is a reflection of the guy's sexual feelings.

Question 4) Masturbation definitely feels good, and it is really hard to put into words. Kind of how a massage feels super good imagine doing that to your penis. Once you do it, then you will know what we mean, and is your best resource on this issue.

Question 5) The reality is that humans are sexual for the most part, and masturbation is a way for people to get release. After all, sooner or later you will find others very attractive, but you cannot obviously have sexual contact with them all. A way folks deal with their sexual feelings is by masturbating which enables them to virtually live their fantasy out of a lack of better words. Masturbation is definitely not bad, and it is used by men and women to have fun as well as learn about their own sexuality.

I hope my answers were all right, and feel free to ask any other questions as sexuality is really tough. Sexuality can be really abstract, and it is kind of hard to put into words, but we will try out best to put things in context for you.
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