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Smile What is...?

Hello. I was in a program called "Family Life" at school, which talks about sex and puberty. From that, there were some words I didn't understand but everybody else did and started laughing. Please help me!
A couple questions I want to ask that I don't know the answer:

1. What is masturbation?

2. What is a latex condom and what does it do? (my teacher told us that it can't have rips and it needs to be put on properly. what does she mean? what would rips have to do with it? I dont even know what a latex condom is)

3. What is ejaculation and how does it come from "masturbation"?

4. Also, how does masturbation "feel good"?

5. How is masturbation normal? (we watched a video and it said that masturbation is normal. I still dont know what masturbation is)

Please try and answer all my questions. Thanks!
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