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Default Re: A strange case of OCD?

Does any blood realtive have OCD (or other psych problems)? These things tend to run in families.

The central theme with OCD isn't so much the 'Need' do do certain things (compulsions), or the recurrent thoughts (obsessions), but rather the result if the individual cannot perform/think about their rituals. What results is really incapacitation, and inabilty to 'move forward'. It's quite paralyzing, and it's that paralysis that really defines OCD.

So, what you might do when these thoughts or urges strike you is to not give into them, don't do *whatever* it is you feel compelled to do. This might take some practice, but most people are able to develop the control and will power to avoid acting on the urges.

If you cannot, or the urges are so overwhelming to you that you become paralyzed, then regardless what it is, you'd need some help. And doctor could accurately diagnose and treat this, usually quite successfully.
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