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Default A strange case of OCD?

Im pretty sure i have OCD. I do everything in patterns, every night i have to say the same prayer before i can go to sleep (even though im not religious). I also have to recite the ABC's backwards, lol. I have to take the same routes to all of my classes everyday. Some times i have to count things for no reason. Although i am not organized or a germ phob. Sometimes i get songs stuck in my head for days and that gets really annoying. All these reasons are kind of annoying but thats not the reason why i am posting this.

The reason why i am righting this is because in the past few weeks ive been getting these really stupid, uncontrollable urges. Today i came home from school to eat lunch and was cooking macaroni and cheese. I got the uncontrollable urge to touch the red hot stove top. Now i have a big blister that is the shape of a ring on my hand that reminds me of how stupid i was. I also get the urge to stick my finger in the cigarette lighter in my car (like every time i get in my car), stick paper clips in electrical plug ins, eat butter, eat chapstick, eat glue sticks, drive really really fast, eat sugar (usually with a spoon) and lots of other stupid things like that.

These urges have been getting more frequent and much more intense within the past few weeks. Im starting to get scared because some of these urges are quite painful. BTW, i am not depressed and i don't do this self destructive behavior to show off (i only get these urges when i am by myself). So is this typical behavior of OCD or is this something "more".
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