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Originally Posted by Master of bate View Post
My friend wants to start masturbating, but I'm not sure about it
This is because he is nine and hasn't started puberty
Is it okay morally and phisically for him to masturbate?
It is said that kids as young as toddlers can masturbate though such children obviously do not make the sexual connection at that point. As for the moral aspect of masturbating pre-puberty that is a really hard question with no right answer. Everything depends upon how developed such a child is mentally as children don't often understand that with actions come consequences. The last thing you want your 9 year old friend to do is to think that sexuality is all fun and that there is not responsibility that comes with it.

As for your friend specfically, is he the one coming to you asking you to teach him about masturbation, or has he just heard about the concept and is curious about what it is as opposed to actually wanting to do it? The last thing you want to do is make a kid prematurely sexual, and I would discourage you from teaching him how to masturbate. Just talk to him very generally about sexuality and how that it does involve responsibility and that it is just not good feelings. Ideally, your friend should have a sex ed talk with his Father, and if his Father is around you really need to coordinate any sex ed talk with his parents. After all, 9 year olds still are very open about things in general, and the last thing you want happening is your friend masturbating one day, his parents walking in, and they finding out that you taught him how to do so. In this day in age of folks being afraid of sexual predators the last thing you want is to get that label. Basically, you absolutely need to talk to his parents about your friend's feeling. If talking to your friend's parents is not possible, then talk to your own parents to get their opinion on things. Perhaps your parents can talk to your friend's parents? Many times boys are more comfortable talking with boys their age about changes than their parents, but the parents have to be on board with any sex ed between you and a 9 year old as you don't want to have an ugly situation.
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