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Default Re: Hey I am 15 and I have a very personal issue that i need help with! Please help m

Originally Posted by bubbles View Post
ok, i know that im not wierd but i do need to know if any of you have felt this way or something similar and if its normal...about a month ago my friend told me that her dad tried to molest her. ever since then i have been thinking omg what if my dad was like that it wouldbe horrible. i know for a fact my dad is a great guy and i have never felt safer or more comfortable with any guy. I am close to my dad but i began getting these stupid thoughts in my mind like "are these shorts too short to wear in front of him?" stuff that didnt make sense to me because i totally dont think my dad as being a wierdo and he has been nothing but great to me. I started to feel really bad and wierd that i got these stupid thoughts but i couldn't help it. i have been feeling wierd about it and bad ever since because i know the good person my dad is. r these just hormones going crazy or was it that and the scariness of the story my friend told me? help bcuz im driving myself nuts!

xoxoxo bubbles
Listen if your friend told you her dad tried to molest her then you need to step up and be there for her. I would go to an adult like a teacher, coach, or some adult you can trust even the police and you need to tell them about this. The world has enough rapists and molesters help your friend!!

And don't worry about the thoughts you were having your completely normal don't worry about it. If you are close with your dad and you really trust him i would say try not to think about it and reassure yourself that he loves you and would never do something like that
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