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Originally Posted by jerry View Post
Thank you, as I have been worried for a while.
while I hit puberty earlier than my friends, when they hit it, they shot through almost immeadetly. Leaving me behind, they quickly ran the bases, as i struggle for a hit.
So for now at least, I know I'm not doomed
Don't worry about your friends as you will catch up, and that is a guarantee. I have had at least two cousins who were almost as late as you, and things turned out fine for them. To be honest, I would much rather be a late bloomer as you folks at least understand what is happening to you as opposed to an earlier bloomer who is utterly shocked at the changes and does not have a vocabulary for it. You can't compare apples to oranges, and you are unique. Hopefully, no one is giving you a hard time about your development, and just know you are just as masculine as anyone else. While not being able to produce semen at 16 is not commonplace the reality is that there is a large number of guys out there like you. In short, you are not doomed to be a eunich, and just give yourself a little bit more time. If you are pushing 16 1/2-17 and not ejaculating, then definitely talk to your doctor just to make sure you are all right. However, at this point you are normal, and don't ever think you are a freak. If anything, I would imagine the opposite sex would like a dry shooter as there is no mess and you folks can have multiple orgasms without any refractory periods like folks who ejaculate.
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