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Originally Posted by kevin
take up a new sport. You're probably going to have alot of agression now from quitting, so it might help to take it out on a sport. Plus is you start a new sport, it takes up more time and you won't want to smoke if you really start liking the sport.
I must say that is a very good way to take out your anger, yet, in a peaceful way that isn't going to hurt anyone.

If it wasn't for sports... I have no clue where I'd be, I would probably be taking more weed then i am now. But Its not easy at all, I had managed to go 2 weeks weed free. I had to lie.

I said I was getting a drug test for my AAA baseball, and it worked, i still hung around with my buddies, without smoking weed. You still laugh a lot even if your not high, but your friends are. If you have funny friends that is .

I hope you can ditch weed for good
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