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Ok, here is my delema. I am 14, and have been smoking weed for about 3 months, everyday. I play AAA baseball, hockey, badminton, and basketball.
I am quite popular in my school, and half of my friends smoke weed, and some don't. Most of my friends that don't, don't know that i do.

I get rather good grades in school, most of my marks tend to be in the low 90ies. I have been noticing some changes in my body, and am almost positive that it's because of Shrooms, and weed. Some of the things i am noticing are:
-ED when high
-and a few other common signs.

I think I can get a scolorship in the future, and probably do good things, but If i keep smoking i think it will be a lot harder for me. I want to talk to my councilor, but im afraid. My friend had the same problem, and he went to her, and she pulled out an all out strike on him. He was put under "watch" where if his grades dropped, he'd be like investigated right away, they phoned his parents, and now he goes for drug tests every 2 weeks...

I have very loving parents, and i have a good relationship with them. I don't want to blow it. My sister got into a massive fight with them, and I think my older brother who is a dealer, hasen't talked to them in about 3 years.

What should i do. This is driving me insane. I think moving would work, but then I'd lose all my friends, and what am i supposed to do, just tell my parents we should move for the hell of it?

I came here as sort of a last resort, Im really confused and I have trust in your judgement.

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