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Default Marijuana and Sex

Hey guys, I am 14 years old turning 15 very soon, and I have a pretty big problem.

Well, I am in 9th grade, and I have started smoking weed for everyday in the past 3 months. Surprizingly, it hasn't affected any physical activities yet, and I am an honor roll student.

I have a BIG problem tho. My girlfriend and I were at my house, and I had gotten baked the burned out, then just gotten baked with her again at night. Well... after that we were going to "fool around". So she started to stroke my chest bla bla bla, and she was pretty much waiting for me to get it hard. Well for christ sakes, I COULDN'T get it up. I had gotten it up many times before, but i just couldn't.

So i shook it off and decided to go to her place the next night, so i got shroomed up and high... again. Once again, I couldn't get my woody up.

Does anyone know why? I know its not right to be having damn ED when your like 14...
I know drugs are wrong, but its not so easy for me to quit, half of my entire school does them, my brother is a dealer, and im pretty popular so i get offered a smoke a lot.

Additional info:
I only do:
-and Weed
- I don't smoke
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