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ok , it's like This ! just read all the Replies and you will agree,and understand, All Teen AGE boy's GET LOT AND LOT S AND LOST of uncontrollable Erections all the Time, And the Bathing Suite Question, "EVERY GUY feels like HE wants' HS DICK to Show BIGGER , if it has to show ,, like in the bathing suite, in Fact According to my older brother and Uncle You Feel like That your WHOLE life even after your a man for a long time , so the Deal is , EVEY GUY feels Uncomfortable about his Dick Size, one reason is point of reference, When you See your friend in the Showers at school, You see his Penis From the SIDE so it looks bigger , compared to viewing your self, looking DOWN, anyways What ever you think, or FEEL, you can BET your Guy friends feel and felt the same Way, it's all Completely NORMAL, at least you don't really have to go out of your way to HIDE YOUR ERECTIONS from you Buddies, Because there a Guy too, and They Understand., like the one guy "Prince_of_Peace"
who posed here said in swim class he Stood behind his Friend, when he had a boner, to hid it , Becuse his freind was cool about it

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