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Originally Posted by jerry View Post
Hey guys, I was wondering, is it normal to be almost 16 and to NOT ejaculate? To clarify the "Not ejaculate", I mean: having an erection for long time/masterbating for a long time/ANYother time. It's a slightly odd question, but it has been bugging me for some time now. I'd like to know what is causing it?

Any ideas guys?
I would definitely not say that you are unusual with your being 16 and not ejaculating. Puberty is super weird in that for some guys they can get all the stuff that comes with puberty such as increase in size and things like a bigger penis and erections but don't ejaculate until the end of puberty. I have seen some guys go through all parts of puberty but not go through a voice change until the end. Assuming that you have everything else with regards to puberty, then I would not worry just yet. If you have not had any signs of puberty or if you don't ejaculate by 17, then I would definitely see a doctor to be checked out. I suppose you can even be checked out now, but there is not a small number of 16 year olds who cannot ejaculate. My guess is that you are fine, and you should be able to ejaculate soon. Can you at least orgasm?

P.S. You might want to check out the following thread as the guy only started ejaculating when he was 17:

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