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Also, it was indicated that all of America is very accepting of homosexuals, but that's not necessarily true. As several people pointed out, this is especially the case when considering youths.

Los Angeles is in California which is easily one of the most liberal (considered friendly to alternative lifestyles because of more secular views) states in the Union, so it would be easy to assume that one could come out there and be accepted. But assumptions can hurt and hurt bad. The south is typically thought of as much more conservative and by stereotype would be much quicker to reject homosexuality. Where I live, acceptance could easily vary from school to school.

While CA is certainly very liberal, that's only as far as politics go, and it is reflective of the population there, because the politicians didn't vote themselves in. But it only reflects those old enough to vote and while some kids take after their parents, not all do.

In any case, some kids are just plain cruel. If they can have a laugh at your expense, they just might do that. So I think it depends a lot on what your area's like. I think another major factor is your current status, though.

For me, I don't give about what anyone thinks of me, except for myself. As long as I'm happy with me, I'm happy. I haven't come out, but I'm pretty sure it's not because I'm worried about what people would think of me. I think it's mostly because I don't feel like it's right to go around telling people. Straight guys and girls don't come up to me and say, "Hey, man. I'm straight." That's not to say I think it's wrong to come out though. I simply feel that I don't have sufficient motive to do so.

The only reservations I have about coming out is physical harm to me and I really don't feel like I need to worry about that for a myriad of reasons. The other reason is (I know this sounds stupid and probably even a little phony, but it's true) I'm just a tiny bit paranoid about 'big brother.' Men can experience multiple orgasms.

god im gay
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