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What's confusing? Which numbers? My numbers or the ones on the sites I provided?

I think I know what part is confusing. Perhaps I didn't word it clearly enough.

"I assume you got 20% by doubling the assumed 10% because of bi people. In any case, I think that there are probably even fewer bi-sexuals than there are homosexuals."

If this is the part that's confusing to you, I guess I don't blame you. I'll attempt to explain: The person I made this post in response to stated that 20% of a given, random population is either bi-sexual or homosexual. The above quote from my post is an attempt to understand how that person came up with that number. It is a common misconception that 10% of the population is homosexual. I figured that this person most likely assumed that if 10% of people are homosexual, then 10% of people are bisexual. 10% + 10% = 20%. That's what I think his logic is in coming up with that number. That's all basically moot anyways, but I hope I cleared things up.

My last sentence is regarding my opinion that even if the original 10% number is true, you couldn't simply double it to account for bi-sexual people, because there are even fewer bisexual people than there are homosexual people. If I had to guess without any scientific data to go by, I'd guess less than half of the amount of people that are homosexual are bi-sexual.

Edit: I just wanted to point out in case there was anyone who didn't quite catch on to this that the poll in this thread cannot really be taken as accurate (not that any of them can, but especially not this one). I say this because obviously there is obviously a greater rate of people who are not strictly heterosexual and considering the nature of this forum, there are probably many who are curious. This forum's membership is simply not an accurate sample of a given population. Men can experience multiple orgasms.

god im gay
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