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Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0
Originally Posted by serial-thrilla
Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0
It's kind of hard not to. Patch seems decent, but come on, how freaking immature.. If you don't like it leave. Same thing kids in kindergarden say.

He wasn't given a place as a mod so he could tell people that if they don't like how people don't bide by the law then they can leave. Really now...
well please enlighten me on how i was not abiding by the law. is calling someone a bonehead illegal?
No, but, calling someone a bonehead could offend some. Everybody isn't unsensitive. And, I think, that part of a mod's job is to make the environment of the forum as plesant as possible.

A mod should atleast take a person's point of view into perspective, something Patch failed to do. So I critisized him.
like i said before, if you get offended by someone who you dont even know on the internet then you are far too sensitive.
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